August | October September 2014

Ontake EruptsSeptember 27, 2014
Ontake Erupts
Kilauea’s June 27 Lava FlowSeptember 24, 2014
Kilauea’s June 27 Lava Flow
Holuhraun Lava FieldSeptember 20, 2014
Holuhraun Lava Field
King Fire in CaliforniaSeptember 19, 2014
King Fire in California
Image of the Day Before and After the Sunkosi LandslideSeptember 18, 2014
Before and After the Sunkosi Landslide
King Fire, CaliforniaSeptember 17, 2014
King Fire, California
Holuhraun Lava FlowSeptember 16, 2014
Holuhraun Lava Flow
Image of the Day Hurricane OdileSeptember 14, 2014
Hurricane Odile
Zhupanovsky Ash PlumeSeptember 11, 2014
Zhupanovsky Ash Plume
Image of the Day Smoke in YosemiteSeptember 7, 2014
Smoke in Yosemite
Image of the Day Roiling Flows on Holuhraun Lava FieldSeptember 6, 2014
Roiling Flows on Holuhraun Lava Field
Image of the Day Bloom in the Bering SeaSeptember 4, 2014
Bloom in the Bering Sea
Image of the Day Ash on New Britain September 2, 2014
Ash on New Britain