Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission
Science Data Retrieval and Transmission Process

TRMM has its own unique Science Data and Information System (TSDIS) at the GSFC, to process the information from the satellite. TSDIS analyzes the rainfall data and also provides validation from nearly a dozen ground radar sites. The data products are available to the science community from the Earth Science Data and Information System (ESDIS).

TRMM data will be provided on five levels, on a scale of zero to four, representing the different processing done at each stage after Goddard receives the data. Level zero is the time ordered and quality checked raw data received from the satellite. The higher levels result from combining hardware and software calibrations with the data to form the final products.

Precipitation Radar vertical cross section.

Through TSDIS, Goddard provides pre-processing of rainfall data (PR, TMI and VIRS) and all ground data and transmit it to appropriate centers and to the ESDIS archives.

The data is also transmitted to Japan, where higher level processing is performed at NASDA's Earth Observation Center. It is then be distributed to scientists in the fields of climatology, meteorology, hydrology and other disciplines in Japan and the United States.

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Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission
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Science Data Retrieval and Transmission Process
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