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Typhoon Son-tinhOct 30, 2012
Typhoon Son-tinh
Image of the Day Hurricane SandyOct 29, 2012
Hurricane Sandy
Image of the Day Overnight View of Hurricane SandyOct 28, 2012
Overnight View of Hurricane Sandy
Hurricane SandyOct 26, 2012
Hurricane Sandy
Image of the Day Isla Santiago, Galapagos IslandsOct 26, 2012
Isla Santiago, Galapagos Islands
Image of the Day Swirls along an Ice HighwayOct 26, 2012
Swirls along an Ice Highway
Tropical Storm SandyOct 25, 2012
Tropical Storm Sandy
Hurricane PaulOct 16, 2012
Hurricane Paul
Tropical Cyclone AnaisOct 15, 2012
Tropical Cyclone Anais
Typhoon PrapiroonOct 15, 2012
Typhoon Prapiroon
Image of the Day Wake Island, Pacific OceanOct 12, 2012
Wake Island, Pacific Ocean
Image of the Day Grande TerreOct 12, 2012
Grande Terre
Typhoon PrapiroonOct 11, 2012
Typhoon Prapiroon
Tropical Storm GaemiOct 5, 2012
Tropical Storm Gaemi
Image of the Day Icebergs around South GeorgiaOct 5, 2012
Icebergs around South Georgia
Phytoplankton Bloom in the Barents Sea

Phytoplankton Bloom in the Barents Sea

In this natural-color image from August 31, 2010, a large phytoplankton bloom colors the Barents Sea turquoise, teal, navy, and green. Read more

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