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Image of the Day Blast from San Miguel VolcanoDec 30, 2013
Blast from San Miguel Volcano
When Two Become OneDec 24, 2013
When Two Become One
Image of the Day Earthrise RevisitedDec 20, 2013
Earthrise Revisited
Image of the Day Sollipulli Caldera, Chile and ArgentinaDec 20, 2013
Sollipulli Caldera, Chile and Argentina
Image of the Day Two Sides of Curtis IslandDec 19, 2013
Two Sides of Curtis Island
Image of the Day Reese, MichiganDec 19, 2013
Reese, Michigan
Image of the Day Demre, TurkeyDec 19, 2013
Demre, Turkey
Mount EtnaDec 17, 2013
Mount Etna
Image of the Day Rare Middle Eastern SnowDec 16, 2013
Rare Middle Eastern Snow
Image of the Day New Island in the Ring of FireDec 13, 2013
New Island in the Ring of Fire
Image of the Day Opposites AttractDec 13, 2013
Opposites Attract
Image of the Day South Africa TributeDec 13, 2013
South Africa Tribute
Image of the Day Islands of the Four MountainsDec 11, 2013
Islands of the Four Mountains
Image of the Day Smog Shrouds Eastern China Dec 9, 2013
Smog Shrouds Eastern China
Image of the Day Taylor Valley, AntarcticaDec 6, 2013
Taylor Valley, Antarctica
Image of the Day Dune movement around AoroungaDec 6, 2013
Dune movement around Aorounga
Floods in SomaliaDec 6, 2013
Floods in Somalia
Image of the Day Aïr and Ténéré Natural ReservesDec 3, 2013
Aïr and Ténéré Natural...
Sunrise Dam Gold Mine

Sunrise Dam Gold Mine

Acquired December 4, 2009, this true-color image shows the Sunrise Dam Gold Mine, roughly 55 kilometers (35 miles) south of Laverton, Western Australia. Read more

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