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Image of the Day Large Landslide Detected in Southeastern AlaskaFeb 24, 2014
Large Landslide Detected in Southeastern Alaska
Image of the Day Fires in FloridaFeb 20, 2014
Fires in Florida
Image of the Day Somerset Levels SwampedFeb 17, 2014
Somerset Levels Swamped
Image of the Day Sochi at NightFeb 14, 2014
Sochi at Night
Image of the Day Indonesia’s Mount Kelut EruptsFeb 14, 2014
Indonesia’s Mount Kelut Erupts
Image of the Day Skiing SochiFeb 13, 2014
Skiing Sochi
Image of the Day Drought Stressing California’s PlantscapeFeb 12, 2014
Drought Stressing California’s Plantscape
Image of the Day City-sized Fire in AustraliaFeb 12, 2014
City-sized Fire in Australia
Image of the Day Landsat 8’s First YearFeb 10, 2014
Landsat 8’s First Year
Image of the Day Changed Landscape Around SinabungFeb 6, 2014
Changed Landscape Around Sinabung
Image of the Day A Taklimakan Dust StormFeb 5, 2014
A Taklimakan Dust Storm
Image of the Day New Lava Dome Grows on ShiveluchFeb 3, 2014
New Lava Dome Grows on Shiveluch
Image of the Day Winter Heat Swamps AlaskaFeb 3, 2014
Winter Heat Swamps Alaska
Sunrise Dam Gold Mine

Sunrise Dam Gold Mine

Acquired December 4, 2009, this true-color image shows the Sunrise Dam Gold Mine, roughly 55 kilometers (35 miles) south of Laverton, Western Australia. Read more

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