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Image of the Day Mapping FireballsNov 20, 2014
Mapping Fireballs
Image of the Day Plumes from Pavlof VolcanoNov 17, 2014
Plumes from Pavlof Volcano
Image of the Day Inside the Bering Sea SuperstormNov 13, 2014
Inside the Bering Sea Superstorm
Image of the Day Seasons of Indian Air QualityNov 13, 2014
Seasons of Indian Air Quality
Dust Storm in ColoradoNov 13, 2014
Dust Storm in Colorado
Zhupanovsky Ash PlumeNov 11, 2014
Zhupanovsky Ash Plume
Dust off LibyaNov 11, 2014
Dust off Libya
Image of the Day Smog or Fog? Actually, a Bit of BothNov 10, 2014
Smog or Fog? Actually, a Bit of Both
Image of the Day Storm Aimed for Aleutian IslandsNov 7, 2014
Storm Aimed for Aleutian Islands
Image of the Day Silty Alaskan Skies Nov 7, 2014
Silty Alaskan Skies
Super Typhoon NuriNov 4, 2014
Super Typhoon Nuri
Image of the Day Counting Carbon Over Southern CaliforniaNov 3, 2014
Counting Carbon Over Southern California
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Winds of Drought, Winds of Flood

Winds of Drought, Winds of Flood

Made from a model based on satellite data, these animations contrast wind patterns that brought drought to the U.S. Midwest in 1988 with those that brought floods in 1993. Read more

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